Collection: Social Media How-to Guidebook for Hospitality and Tourism

Get 61 pages of step-by-step guidelines and free templates to create a strong strategy and effective social media posts.

So you’ve just been appointed the new social media manager (congrats), or you’re a lodge owner who started life way before the Gen Zs of today, and social media posts and content isn’t really part of your repertoire?

Before breaking out in a cold sweat, outsourcing, or signing up for an expensive course, purchase our social media posts and content Guidebook for just R1,250.00. It comes filled with 61 pages of everything you need to know, as well as FREE downloadable templates to help you create engaging content that speaks directly to your ideal guest, turning your ‘lookers into bookers.’ 

Your Guidebook Includes:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to create a strong digital marketing strategy
  • Setting up your social media platforms in a professional way
  • Photography 101 - without a fancy camera
  • Tips on how to write killer captions for social
  • Which hashtags to use 
  • Community management and rules of engagement
  • Best time to schedule organic social posts  
  • FREE downloadable template for a simple strategy 
  • FREE downloadable template for a basic content calendar
  • ...basically everything you need - and a little bit more. 

Whether you’re taking it slow or wanting to get through everything - as in yesterday - our Guidebook is with you every step of the way. 

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  • How to Create Social Media Content for Hospitality and Tourism | Guidebook
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